SMITH Haluca 12.5cm 13.9g Floating Tide Minnow

The latest Tide Minnow on the market but with the irresistable action that only SMITH lure offer when targeting larger species predators such as stripped bass, pike and barracuda.

This medium-sized / slim tide minnow can be cast great distances thanks to its streamlined design and well balanced weight distribution.  The rolling / wobble action of the lure will be familiar to anyone who has experience using a lipped minnow lure who will know how successful this action is.

Length: 125 mm

Weight: 15.9 grams


Swimming Depth 10 to 60 cm

Sound: unique buzzing noise

SMITH Haluca lures are worth the premium as they are armed with 3 of the best quality japanese hooks, OWNER ST46-TN trebles.


Colour No.
Red Belly Sardine 03
Bora 06
Silverside Sardine (Tougorou) 07
Clear Marble 09