SMITH Super ULM 11.5cm 26g Sinking Tide Minnow

Super ULM was developed specifically as a salt water lure and is a must in any lure box because it is so versatile and productive!

Lipless 115mm
Sinking 26 grams
Swim Depth 0.5 and 12 meters

It swims with a unique rolling / wobbling action, wagging its tail from slow to medium speed depending on the speed of your retrieve. It darts with only slight twitches of your rod tip.
With its super slim body the Smith Super Ulm casts extremely well and is a worthy addition to your lure box.

Centrally weighted this sinker drops in a perfect horizontal position, easily add action with twitches of the rod.  Slow retrieve at 12 metres and it is still responsive - easy to work with your rod b ecause of its low center of gravity.

SMITH Super Ulm is a killer lure for sea bass in our waters but has an impressive record on estuary run salmon, sea trout and is excellent on migratory fish like barracuda, tuna, bonito, amberjacks, sea bream and even pike!

Super Ulm lures are woth the prmium as they are armed with the best quality japanese hooks, OWNER ST46-TN trebles.


Colour No.
Red Head 01
Pilchard 02
Thrush (Kata-Mouth) 03
Needle Fish 07
Green Sardine 08
Slash Pink 09
Chartreuse Slash 10